Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Her name is Lola...

...she was a showgirl...

Wait. Where was I... oh yes, not channeling Barry Manilow.

On Sunday my family and I went to Tom Douglas's Lola for brunch. Lola has a Mediterranean/North African influence. I've been there several times, for brunch, lunch, and dinner, and have never been disappointed. It's simply delish. It's where I first had TD's garlic smashed potatoes, which are out of this world. I could have sworn I posted that recipe here, but apparently I didn't. I feel somewhat guilty for depriving you for so long. I'll post that soon.

Anyway, Lola. They have their kebabs available any time, but the best time to get them is during brunch/lunch, when they're considered an entree and come with either potatoes or a Greek salad, pita bread, and dill yogurt. They're several dollars less during dinner, but they're considered appetizers and don't come with anything but the kebabs themselves.

On to the food porn!

I had... Tom’s big breakfast: Pacific octopus, snap peas, bacon, chickpeas, green garlic yogurt, an egg sunnyside up, and toast.
Tom's Big Breakfast

My mom had... Lamb kebabs with caramelized garlic and a red wine glaze, pita bread, yogurt with dill, and Jackie's Greek salad.
Lamb Kebabs

My aunt had... Alaskan salmon kebabs with capers and tarragon, pita bread, yogurt with dill, and garlic smashed potatoes.
Salmon Kebabs

My cousin had... Squid kebabs with crushed chili and chermoula, pita bread, yogurt with dill, and Jackie's Greek salad.
Squid Kebabs

My cousin's kids shared... Washington chicken kebab, pita bread, yogurt with dill, and Jackie's Greek salad. (It comes with 3 kebabs, the older one got 2 and the younger one got 1.)
Chicken Kebab

We also had loukoumathes (a type of Greek fried puff, kind of like a donut) for dessert, but they went too quickly to take a picture of. They were dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and came with a tangy rhubarb topping and vanilla mascarpone which was just AMAZING.

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