Sunday, February 8, 2009

Seared Chilean Sea Bass and Scallops

I decided to try my hand at preparing Chilean sea bass, which is one of my favorite kinds of fish. I love the way Bonefish Grill prepares it, especially with their chimichurri sauce. I wasn't attempting to recreate that dish here, however; I don't have enough experience with cooking fish (other than steaming), so I didn't want to be too ambitious.

What I ended up doing was borrowing Mark Bittman's method of cooking salmon in this recipe -- searing both sides of the fish and popping it into an oven for a few minutes, and serving it on a bed of spicy stir-fried cabbage. Yes, the very same recipe as the one I mentioned using for the last Friday dinner. What can I say, I love it!

I also used a few scallops in the dish, for textural and flavor variety, preparing them the same way I did the fish.

The dish was very tasty, though I think I might have overcooked the sea bass a tad. The only challenge I had with the preparation was that the fish kept sticking to the pan. I used a seasoned cast iron pan, but maybe it wasn't seasoned enough, or maybe I just need to use a different sort of pan. When serving the fish broke off into chunks, which didn't diminish the flavor, but isn't quite picture perfect.


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