Monday, November 3, 2008

Wedding Eats!

Not mine, my cousin's. I couldn't make the wedding, so my uncle took pictures of the food for me. Unfortunately his camera's not that great so the pictures are a bit grainy, and he was so involved with eating all the appetizers (apparently there were dozens of different kinds) that he forgot to photograph any -- yes, we're obviously from the same family -- but the entrees look absolutely scrumptious. I'm sorry to have missed all that good eating!

I don't care how common it is, salmon is one of my favorite fish. I just love its texture. Cooked, at least. I don't care for it as much raw. However, salmon is best when it's just cooked through, so that it's still tender and succulent. Overcooked salmon, while still edible, isn't nearly as good. This one looks like it was done just right.

Here is either the chicken or the veal. I'm missing two entrees, the vegetarian option, and either the chicken or veal, depending on what this is. But how can you go wrong with all that delicious-looking gravy/sauce? And what I assume is a giant fried thing of potato, possibly onion? Potato seems more likely.

Ohmygod these huge prawns look absolutely mouthwatering. Even though I LOVE prawns, I never get it when it's offered as an entree choice if there's something more filling available. Because even though these are huge and undoubtedly yummy, I probably could eat 3 times this many. Easily.

Someone else's plate of prawns. But I'm sharing it because -- seriously, is that not the most giant piece of broccoli you've ever seen? It totally dwarfs the prawns. Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables so I would have been all about that, though. If I'd gotten that wimpy broccoli in the last photo and someone else had this, I'd have felt totally gypped.

Last but not least of the entrees, a 16oz New York steak. My mouth is salivating as I type this. I am such a steak person. And New York is my favorite cut, due to being extremely lean, tender, and flavorful. I don't know how I would have been able to choose between all these entrees. I would have had to ask for one of each.

To finish, a beautiful dessert. Looks like a scoop of vanilla or maybe hazelnut or some kind of nut-flavored ice cream (I could be totally wrong), sitting in a dish of a crispy pastry. Mmm.

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